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Annual Commitments

Annual commitments of the top syndicates

Showing syndicates with an annual commitment of US$1,000,000 only.

Spotting the outliers

A scatterplot of the number of backers and the amount backing for each syndicate shows some expected correlation - but it also shows the outliers. The Late Stage Pre-IPO Syndicate for instance has an exceptional high amount of backing considering its number of backers.


The minimum investments the syndicates commit to range from $1,000 to $25,000. A typical investment for the top 25 syndicates is around $35,000; Arena Ventures' typical investment is almost 6 times that: $200,000.

Amount backing / Number of backers

Minimum Investments

Typical Investment 

Syndicate analysis

The most active syndicate, FG Angels, has 50 deals per year. Most syndicates from the list have around 5 deals per year. The majority has a 20% carry per deal but at least one syndicate goes as low as 5%. The vast majority is located in San Francisco and 15 out of the top 25 syndicates are (predominantly) angel investors.

Typical carry per deal

All investor locations

Multiple locations for many investors.

Syndicates with at least 20 deals per year

Education background of investors

Information available for about half of the top 25 syndicate investors.

The different roles of investors

Amount in backing and number of followers on Angellist